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The majestic Karakorum Mountains remain heavily snow-clade throughout winter but in summer they become major source of water to the orchards which are laden with quality fruits like apricots cherries apples and mulberries.
These fruits are not only delicious in taste but also contain ions colloidal minerals which are extremely beneficial for human health. There are approximately seven kinds of apples in Hunza popular with local names like:
Noor Shaa Baalt, Gohar Amane Baalt, Shini Baalt, Berut Baalt, Five Star Baalt, Golden Baalt.
Apple trees bloom in the month of March and fruits are matured in late September which are grown in Hunza purely by natural methods chemicals and fertilizers are never used instead manure and straw are used for better growth and quality of apples. Apple trees as per local tradition give multiple benefits to farmers: a cash crop in terms of apple production and growing of wheat or corn crops.
Our staff member of Hunza dry fruits and company collect apples form trees with proper care and transport them to farm houses for further processing.